Just do it and keep doing it…

The part I enjoy the most and enjoy the least is one and the same, not really want to do it but not giving up, even though it seems to be such a chore at times.  But I persevere and this is the 10th, and final one. My most favourite and also the least is to identify my heroine, can’t find one who is living, but thinking about how in some minor ways, to follow her footsteps.  The biggest takeaway for me is that…there never will be a totally ideal condition and time to start doing something, that I should just do it, if it is important enough.  But also to follow through to make the “having started it” worthwhile.  The next step I am going to take…is to actually learn about blogging to be able to do it properly so that I can start to build an online community of baby boomers, to share and to support each other, to live our lives to its fullest, with a sense of purpose, whatever that maybe.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 10


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